About Us


Vietnam Fisheries Company Limited (VFC) is a proven merchant, professional supplier of seafood, transacting business with many famous processors and wholesalers in local and abroad. Our supply of seafood are recognized and preferred by domestic and international buyers for its high and stable quality. Also, VFC is known for the way it provides the best possible service at very competitive prices, a result of VFC being very flexible and very motivated team with fast decision-making process.

Thanks to a good team including experts with at least from 8 to 20 years of experience, VFC has put together its expertise and close relationships with production facilities to become a serious and trustworthy partner. In the process, we are able to offer a wide range of different products, including raw to frozen, and to value added products, for wholesalers, retailers, and industrial customers.

Expertise in logistics also brings VFC a big strength. At VFC, we can control the whole system with the least cost which helps our business more time and cost efficiency. Our products are harvested in the most abundant fishing areas. Our partners’ vessels are fitted with the latest fishing and processing equipment. To be the pioneer to catch up with any changes, we regularly visit our fishing areas and sales regions to inspect suppliers and keep our technology functioning at its very best. We are constantly assessing and developing our business methods, procedures and logistics to meet the needs of our clients and their customers. We carefully control all stages of processing and transportation to guarantee the quality of each delivery. Our clients rely on us for consistent quality and efficiency at all times and we enjoy many long-term relationships as a result.


Our Mission

Our main target is to work beyond customers’ expectation consistently through commitment and innovation and in harmony with the environment.

Our Vision

We do believe in a value system which is based on honesty, integrity and transparency which we religiously practce in our dealings with all partners. We focus on satisfying our customers and never compromise on the quality of the products. We endeavor to make a difference by creating value in whatever we do. We love challenges and push our limits in striving for perfection. At VFC, we have a responsible team of employees who are motivated to take initatives and deliver results.

Our Core Value

Professional – Responsibility – Conscientiousness