Two raw seabass with spices on an old wooden background.

We, VFC, acknowledge the essence of creating fresh, healthy, ecologically-sensitive seafood products. We supply the best quality, natural seafood, the most pristine fishes from the sea and farms of Vietnam so that you can enjoy fresh and delicious food, and benefit your health!
Doing business the right way

Expertise in seafood for years has made up our prestige. We can get you whatever you need. However, VFC always have  a strict rule that we never receive fishes from suppliers that have bad business ethics or work illegally. All our products come from well-managed fisheries workshops and factories, and are always responsibly sourced with raw materials. Sustainable fishing and farming is something we've been focusing so far


VFC wants to ensure the future availability of seafood and make responsible seafood materials purchasing a core value of our operation. Our fishes are always the purest quality available as we purchase directly from fisherman, in season, at the peak of quality and freshness

Quality concentration

VFC only cooperates with liable and prestige factories who are really flexible and have raally good control on their input sources to create sustainable development

We strictly control our supplied products from inputs, processing, adictives treatment, frozen process, packaging, wearhouse or storage to distribution.


  • General Appearance
  • Color
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Unifomity


  • Gross weight
  • Package weight
  • Net weight
    including glaze
  • Drained net weight


  • Glazing percent as per
  • Protective glazing
  • Exceeded glazing percent


  • Number of pieces
    per packaging unit
  • Weight of each


  • Dimension
  • Information
  • Color
  • Quality

Sensory Testing

  • By touching
  • Smelling
  • Tasing
  • Cooking and Trying


  • Undersized
  • Oversized
  • Broken
  • Mushy
  • Damaged
  • Having Foreign
  • Matters, etc